SU Prepares to Celebrate DIII Week

SU Prepares to Celebrate DIII Week

SELINSGROVE, Pa. –Susquehanna University gets ready to celebrate the Division III (DIII) Week from April 4-10 – an annual celebration of what it means to be a DIII student-athlete – with many activities scheduled to take place.

While there are many Division III student-athletes around the country, some of these unique students have decided to share their story. Some of these athletes had the chance to play their sport at a higher level but those DIII, some played in another country, some stopped playing to help teach those who were once unable play and some, well some became coaches of their same team they once played for in college when they attended.

From player of the year to player off the bench, there is a constant message of genuine gratitude for being able to compete at the Division III level.

Some of Susquehanna University's finest have decided to chime in and share their stories of what it means to them to be a DIII student-athlete. These athletes will share their stories of what it's like to be a student-athlete at a Division III University both on and off the field, court, track, etc.

However, unlike most stories that are read in a newspaper, these students will largely be sharing it with everyone through social media and the Landmark Conference website. Five current Susquehanna student-athletes – Kade McGregor (Men's Lacrosse) on April 4, Alyssa Bolger (Women's Soccer) on April 5th, Zoe Lycett (Women's Lacrosse) on April 6th, Peter Burton (Men's Soccer) on April 7th and Kwane Hayle (Football/Track & Field) on April 8th  – will be among those featured in a daily Instagram takeover.

In addition to the social media takeover, Susquehanna University's academic achievement sub-committee of SAAC has put together a video to highlight what it exactly is that student-athletes do outside of their sports. These types of activities include work in the classroom, lunch, free time, practice and meal times, just to name a few.

SAAC also produced "Leave Your Mark" posters in which all student-athletes were encouraged to leave their "mark" on posters with their major and sport; the posters will be displayed in the academic buildings across campus to demonstrate the number of majors represented by SU's student-athletes.

In addition, the Center for Learning and Achievement will be holding a panel discussion with head coaches Kuuipo Tom (volleyball), Laura Moan (women's lacrosse) and Jerry Foley (swimming & diving). The panel will revolve around the ways in which Susquehanna coaches have worked with their student-athletes that could also help SU professors better instruct, advise, and mentor student-athletes.

Finally, Susquehanna will host its annual student-athlete luncheon. This luncheon is for those athletes who are in the class year of a sophomore or above who hold a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 or higher. The lunch is to celebrate their performance on the field and most importantly in the classroom.

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