SU Swims for a Cause UPDATE

SU Swims for a Cause UPDATE

SELINSGROVE, Pa. – The Susquehanna swimming and diving teams, SU's SGA Class of 2017 and The Catholic University of America banded together to raise over $5,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Nov. 7 swim meet between Susquehanna University and The Catholic University of America was not just a Landmark Conference match-up but it was also a fundraiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. SU's senior swimmer Danny Csakai, a member of the campus ROTC program, headed up the fundraiser.

On the day of the meet, 10 baskets were raffled off and there was a 50/50 raffle. The Class of 2017 volunteered during the meet to run the event and on that day alone raised $905 in cash donations.

Eight days prior to the meet, Csakai reached out to Catholic University's swim captain, Patrick McMullen, and created a donation web page with Catholic's name on it. From that point until the meet, McMullen organized his team and they raised well over $700.

According to Csakai, both teams displayed great sportsmanship and came together for a great cause despite coming from rival teams.

"I think this event went just about as well as it could have" Csakai said. "Bringing three organizations together to fight for a common goal is an amazing thing to see, especially with the result we achieved. I can't thank everyone who donated and supported enough for making this event such a huge success."

The original goal for the fundraiser was to raise $2,000 and with a grand total of $5,035, the event surpassed any initial goals.